Build Applications of Cutting-edge Technologies.

We create practical applications of Business Intelligence and Deep Learning in order to solve real-world problems that are difficult to address with existing technologies. We help customers build and deploy data analytics solutions. We also develop AI powered ACG image generator tools.

Our Services and Products

Data Science & Analytics Service

We build end-to-end data science, analytics and business intelligence services together with our clients, and guide clients’ teams in the right direction from creating analytics system and framework, to training your own professional staff.

Business Intelligence Service

We help our clients better understand their data with visualization and dashboarding. From mountains of data, we carefully choose appropriate data mining algorithms to turn data into actionable insights.

AI Illustration Tools

We are building AI illustration tools to reduce game artists’ workload and lease them more time to design instead of wasting time on drawing details. These tools could also grant unlimited possibility to gamers to generate their favorite character images and avatars, directly in game.